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I am privileged to lead a team that is not just focused on business success but is equally dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around us. Goldline Investment Group Limited is the umbrella organization overseeing various subsidiaries. As a diversified investment group, Goldline Investment Group Limited is actively involved in the exploration, mining, Integrated Iron Ore, Agro-Business, Infrastructural Development, Oil And Gas, and related industries, demonstrating a commitment to responsible practices, sustainability, and community development.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of innovation in our operations or spearheading community development initiatives, we aim for nothing short of excellence. We see beyond profitability; our vision encompasses responsible business practices that leave a lasting impact. The ongoing projects, such as the innovative use of mine tailings in construction, are steps towards building a legacy that resonates with our values.

Together, we can create a future that not only benefits us today but contributes to a sustainable and thriving world. Transparency, open communication, and a collective commitment to excellence will continue to be the driving force behind our journey at Goldline Investment Group Limited. WORKING POPULACE IS A HAPPY POPULATION !!!

Who we are .

Goldline Mining Investment Group Limited is an internationally recognized conglomerate with several subsidiaries and renowned partners. Goldline operates in several industries including mining, construction, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, crude oil, asset management, and others. The Group has its head office in Accra Ghana, from where it manages its projects and operations which are primarily in Africa, and has offices at various operational sites. A key service that the company has provided for both the public and private sectors was the discovery of Ghana’s major Iron Ore Deposit. The company has worked extensively on exploration projects throughout Ghana and its neighboring countries. Goldline’s principal business region has been the Ashanti and Northern Regions of Ghana, where the company has worked on a full spectrum of projects ranging from reconnaissance surveys to advanced mineral exploration and resource drilling programs. We also have extensive experience working in remote locations and the logistics to support survey programs. Goldline operates to the highest health and safety standards. Goldline Group of Companies’ wider industry experience within Africa means that we have significant in-house experience in various licensing systems and legislation.

Our history and core values

GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED is a conglomerate of several companies. Goldline was initially incorporated in Clearwater, Florida as GOLDLINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. GOLDLINE MINING USA was also incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware. In 2007, Mr. Emmanuel Ababio, the current CEO of the Group, founded Goldline Mining Ghana Limited in Ghana, as a company in the mining industry. He also founded other companies including Emmaland Resources Ghana Limited, Abzu Ghana Limited, and Cardero Ghana Limited, which were all to mine both natural minerals and base metals.

In 2016, GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED was incorporated in Ghana to undertake several roles including commercial agriculture, infrastructure development, export and import, among others.

The Group, GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED was formed in 2018, to be a conglomerate of all the companies founded and incorporated by the CEO, Mr. Emmanuel Ababio. Currently, the company has grown to 78 personnel. We offer and encourage the inclusion and training of client personnel alongside our seasoned teams as required. Goldline takes all reasonable steps to secure and maintain the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, contractors, clients, and members of the public who may be affected by our activities.

Vision Statement: Our vision to be a global leader in sustainable gold mining, setting new standards for environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and operational excellence.

Mission statement: our mission is to responsibly unlock the inherent value of gold, contributing to global economic growth while safeguarding the environment and uplifting communities. Through state-of-the-art mining practices and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to extract precious resources efficiently and ethically.

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